AA Approved Workshops

What is meant by AA Aproved Workshops?

An “AA approved workshop” refers to an automotive repair or service facility that has received the approval or endorsement of a reputable organization called the Automobile Association (AA). The AA is typically a well-known and respected organization that provides various services to motorists, including roadside assistance, vehicle inspections, and information on automotive-related matters.

When a workshop is designated as “AA approved,” it means that it has met certain standards and criteria set by the AA to ensure quality and reliability in the services it offers. These criteria often include factors such as the qualifications and training of the mechanics, the quality of equipment and tools used, the level of customer service provided, and adherence to safety and ethical standards.

Motorists often seek out AA approved workshops because they can have confidence that their vehicles will be serviced or repaired by skilled professionals who meet specific standards of competence and integrity. This endorsement can provide peace of mind to customers, knowing that their vehicles are being taken care of by a reputable and trusted establishment.

e-CAR Accreditation

Certification of competency, authority, & credibility.

All our e-CAR service centers are AA Approved workshops

AA (Automobile Association) of South Africa

The Automobile Association of South Africa, often abbreviated AA is an automobile association that has been operating in South Africa since 1930. It is a non-profit organisation providing services to its members such as roadside assistance, technical and motor-related legal advice. It also maintains liaison with government departments to influence decisions, either by lobbying or making formal representations on behalf of motorists.