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RMI Approved Workshops

All our e-CAR service centres are RMI Approved Workshops

RMI (Retail Motor Industry Organisation)

The RMI is a proactive, relevant, retail, and associated motor industry organization recognized as the leading voice in South Africa’s automotive aftermarket, serving the daily needs of its members and playing a key role in enabling motor traders to deliver top-class service to motoring consumers.
When choosing a Graded workshop, consumers can trust that not only will they receive reasonable pricing and quality service and workmanship, but they also have recourse for complaints if any problems arise.”
A five-star is a prestigious rating because graded workshops have to comply with the highest level of accreditation.

Here are the associations which fall under its umbrella…

ACRA (Automotive Component Re-manufacturers’ Association)

ACRA represents component re-manufacturers involved in the re-manufacture of safety-critical components and radiators, an ever-growing industry in which keeping abreast of change is crucial for business owners.NAZA (Number Plate Association of South Africa)NAZA supports the imposition of a national standard for number plates, as well as for legislation to govern their manufacture, embossing practice, and protocol. NAZA members adhere to a strict code of ethics in ensuring their part in eradicating corruption within the sector.

NAZA (Number Plate Association of South Africa)

NAZA supports the imposition of a national standard for number plates, as well as for legislation to govern their manufacture, embossing practice, and protocol. NAZA members adhere to a strict code of ethics in ensuring their part in eradicating corruption within the sector.

ERA (Engine Remanufacturers’ Association)

ERA represents motor engineers who re-machine, rebuild, and re-manufacture engines in South Africa. ERA members promote the reuse of engines, parts, and components in a manner that is green and
sustainable. ERA members create employment and skills development opportunities, directly in their own machine shops and indirectly through suppliers to the industry and component manufacturers.

VTA (Vehicle Testing Association)

The VTA represents private vehicle testing stations that are committed to operating within the law in accordance with the Road Traffic Act and the relevant SANS standards. In this highly regulated environment, the association represents the interests of its members in government working groups and is committed to enhancing the reputation of the industry in all spheres.

MDA (Motorcycle Dealers’ Association)

MDA represents members who are motorcycle dealers – these members benefit from an extensive array of value-add services and products such as commercial insurance, labour legal assistance and representation, consumer dispute resolution, and a strong relationship with the Association of Motorcycle Importers and Distributors.

SADFIA (South African Diesel Fuel Injection Association)

SADFIA members operate fully equipped pump rooms aimed at providing cost-effective service solutions for owners of diesel-powered vehicles seeking fuel injection system testing, repair, or replacement.

MIMA (Motor Industry Manufacturers’ Association)

MIMA members are Parts, Equipment, and Component Manufacturers and suppliers to Original Equipment Manufacturers and the automotive aftermarket that exports to Africa and other countries in the world.

SAMBRA (South African Motor Body Repairers Association)

SAMBRA is an active leader in the motor body repair industry and consolidates, communicates, and regulates repair standards in the motor body repair industry. SAMBRA ensures the provision of technical and business skills training that meets the demands of the industry and instills confidence in consumers and industry stakeholders.

MIWA (Motor Industry Workshop Association)

MIWA, the largest association within the RMI, strives to keep its members informed about the ever-changing auto repair industry, thereby ensuring that vehicles are repaired to acceptable standards designed to make them perform better and safely on South African roads.

SAPRA (South African Petroleum Retailers’ Association)

SAPRA represents and promotes the interests of petroleum retailers in South Africa and fosters strong relationships with the Department of Energy, oil companies, banks, financial institutions, and other stakeholders that have an impact on the sustainability of the service station industry.

MPEA (Motor Parts and Equipment Association)

MPEA represents South Africa’s auto part traders, including wholesalers, retailers, and independent operators in the replacement motor parts industry. Genuine replacement parts are available at accredited MPEA spare outlets at affordable prices, backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

SAVABA (South African Vehicle and Bodybuilders’ Association)

SAVABA members are professional, certified, and regulated vehicle body builders in South Africa who manufacture commercial vehicle body applications (tanker, coal, refrigerated trucks, and trailers) and bus bodies (commuter and tourist type). Members manufacture using the latest equipment and highly trained staff to ensure strict compliance with SABS standards and other legal specifications.

NADA (National Automobile Dealers’ Association)

NADA represents the interests of business people who own or operate new vehicle franchise dealerships and qualifying used vehicle outlets. NADA is committed to the image enhancement of the retail motor business, facilitating the interface between dealers and OEMs/distributors, building relationships between dealers and customers, and bringing relevant industry issues to the attention of the government.

TDAFA (Tyre Dealers’ and Fitment Association

The TDAFA is the only representative body for tyre dealers nationally. The association works on all issues relevant to tyres and the fitment industry. Strategically, the TDAFA is positioned as an intermediary between the government, the tyre industry, and consumers and is recognised by the government and industry leaders as the legitimate voice representing tyre dealers.

MIWA (Motor Industry Workshop Association)

MIWA is the largest trade association under the Retail Motor Industry Organisation. We are the collective voice of Independent Aftermarket workshops, directly representing over 2400 businesses nationally.

MIWA not only represents the general repair shop sector but also brake and steering specialists, auto electricians, driveline and transmission specialists as well as vehicle accessory centers.

MIWA members offer the correct repair equipment and appropriately trained staff to ensure that work is carried out in a professional and competent manner.

A major focus of MIWA is to educate the motoring public on how best to protect themselves against sub standard work. MIWA members are categorised as either accredited or graded workshops. These levels of accreditation positively influence the motoring public in their decision on where to have their vehicles repaired.

As such, MIWA accredited members identified by the RMI Code of Chttps://www.miwa.org.za/onduct will benefit and the industry as a whole will rid itself of those repair establishments which are not up to standard.