Car Diagnostics

Car Problems? Book your car in for a Diagnostics check up

full vehicle inspection e-carAt what cost would you ignore those unusual sounds your car is making?

 If you aren’t familiar with ‘diagnostics,’ essentially, every modern car is made up of as many electrical parts as it is mechanical. Today you’ll find computer processors, micro chips and sensors in your car and these electrical components working condition are assessed using a ‘diagnostics tool.’ This diagnostics tool tells the mechanic exactly where the problem is- it’s clever!

If that wasn’t enough assurance, at e-CAR we partner with leading suppliers like Bosch and other well known brands that supply specialised car electrical parts. Not only that but our workshops can access the Bosch database and connect to the Bosch Technical Helpline meaning that we can service your car’s electrical components with the best possible resources to hand!

So before those unusual sounds become a bigger headache, book your car in to your nearest e-CAR workshop for a diagnostics tune and check up.