cost of servicing a car in south africa e carThe Cost of servicing your car

Parts for vehicles are constantly on the rise. We have comparisons of car parts from 2008 -2017 below. Therefore costs of parts in 2019 are going to be even more expensive.

Component Average cost across class in 2008 Average cost across class in 2017
Oil filter R84.46 R111.65
Spark plug R142.91 R105.16
R/H wiper blade R126.75 R346.12
Front brake pad R529.78 R1 165.61
Front shock absorber R820.21 R1 817.79
Fan belt R304.45 R427.83
Cam belt R818.82 R1 296.99
Clutch plate  R964.83 R2 077.51
Radiator R1 925.55 R3 685.19