Wipers blades for my car.

Get your car wipers checked.

With all this wet weather on the horizon now is the time to give your wipers a check over and have a replacement pair fitted at your local e-CAR service centre. It only takes a moment and is vitally important in keeping you safe on the road.

It might seem obvious but let’s go back to basics and explain why we need our wipers in tip-top condition…

Why wipers are important?
When rain, sleet or snow are falling on your windscreen you need working wipers to clean your windscreen and make sure your vision is crystal-clear- that way, you can avoid any dangers on the road. You even need them in the sunshine! Have you ever driven on the Drakensberg’s or Transkei’s sand roads and had your vision wiped out because of the dust that settles on your windscreen? Without your windscreen wipers and washer fluid you might knock straight into one of those wandering Nguni cows!

Headline – whatever the weather it’s important to have car wipers that are in good condition so you can keep your vision crystal clear and avoid any potential hazards on the road.

How do wipers deteriorate?
There are a lot of factors that can weaken wipers- both very cold and very hot weather can crack and split the rubber blades. As a result the wipers won’t sit tight to the windscreen and you’ll end up with streaks on the screen and limited visibility. It’s not only extreme cold and extreme heat that can affect your wiper’s integrity either; over time debris like sand, dirt and dust that are carried in the wind collect on your wiper blades, acid rain, oil from car waxes and even lack of use contribute to wipers that are less than acceptable too!

How can you keep your wipers in good condition?
1.    Don’t make the mistake and forget about them! All components of your car play a role and something as simple and seemingly small as wipers can be the difference between being a safe driver or not. How about setting an annual reminder to get them replaced?
2.    Visit your nearest e-CAR service centre (find out where it is here) and have replacement wipers fitted. As with everything, e-CAR uses only the best products and, for wipers, that’s Bosch. Ring ahead to make sure the centre has your size- then when you arrive you’ll be in and out in minutes and ready to face whatever weather!
3.    Once you’ve replaced your wipers at your local e-CAR service centre keep them maintained by regularly and gently washing and drying them with glass cleaner and a clean towel
4.    Clean your windscreen often so your wipers aren’t continuously collecting debris like dust and dirt found on your screen

There you have it! A how-to to keep your all-important windscreen wipers in tip-top condition- whatever the weather. Call your nearest e-CAR workshop and make sure your wipers are ready for the rainy season. Select a workshop here.

We supply Bosch windscreen wiper blades for all makes and models of cars.

What wiper blades fit my car? Talk to an e-CAR mechanic to find out.