Vehicle Diagnostics

If at all possible before having work done to your vehicle ask the mechanic to do a diagnostic check on your vehicle.

Vehicle Diagnostics – ‘Diagnostics’ is a more technical element to car servicing – let us explain. When a mechanic services a car it is likely that he will use a ‘diagnostic tool’ to do so. A ‘diagnostic tool’ is a piece of software that assesses the car by looking at what the car says about itself through its own computer software and reporting. See most modern cars come with their own computer processors, microchips and sensors today- they say that a modern car is made up of just as many electrical parts as it is mechanical! These electrical components can be connected directly to a diagnostics tool at a servicing centre or mechanics- telling the mechanic where the problem is. Clever or what?

When a mechanic performs a car diagnostic test a whole range of problems can be revealed, from the petrol tank to the exhaust system, the car’s transmission to the oil tank. Here at e-CAR Service, we have sophisticated diagnostic equipment and expertly trained technicians to work out exactly what your vehicle’s problem is.

• Diagnostic check of carburettor cars and earlier fuel injection vehicles

Using the diagnostics tool our trained mechanics will inspect your ignition system and set the timings and exhaust gas mixture to your manufacturer’s specification. This is called a ‘tune-up.’

Once we have given your car this ‘once-over’ with our diagnostic tool, we will be able to see whether your engine is running as it should and according to your manufacturer’s specifications. If there are any faults, with your ignition, fuel supply or electrics as an example, we’ll work hard to solve the problem.

• Diagnostic check of fuel injection engines with the management system

Using the diagnostics tool our trained mechanics will connect to the technology system (electronic control unit – ECU) within your car, telling us where problems within the car are recorded.

In doing this diagnostics check we will be able to see whether the problems are to do with an original faulty part which will need to be replaced or if something has happened abnormally to your ECU. If that’s the case, then we’ll just clear the memory of an ECU- just like you would if you were cleaning or rebooting your home computer system.

Please note: The diagnostic check and fault finding process does not include any parts and labour required to repair the problem found during the fault-finding process.

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