Tyre Pressures


Have your tyre pressure checked regularly

Bad habits- we’ve all got them! When it comes to driving and bad habits there are a few that top the list every time though, and using the incorrect tyre pressure for your vehicle is one of them.

The thing is, not many of us know that one’s tyre pressure is an important thing to get right. Don’t worry, e-CAR has got your back (or your boot!) and is here with some know-how on all things tyre-related.

Tyre Pressure is all about the amount of air that is pumped into your tyres. The ‘optimum’ tyre pressure is set by your car manufacturer and should be found in your car owner’s manual

When tyres have the wrong pressure the life of the tyre becomes reduced, you compromise your safety and you cost yourself more in fuel.

Under-inflated tyres will increase the wear on your tyres, and with more tyres contacting the road it’ll mean higher fuel costs and greater inefficiency too.

Over-inflated tyres have less tyre contact on the road when your tyres are over-inflated and this reduces your braking distance and the grip the tyre has on the road – not good!

Along with your tyre pressure, it’s important to check that your tyres are aligned properly. If they aren’t you create extra friction between your car and the road which means unnecessary wear and tear on your car and reduced safety.

The good thing is though that checking your tyre pressure is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. So when you are next at the garage filling up with fuel ask the attendant to check your tyre pressure at the same time (we recommend you do this every couple of weeks).

Getting your wheels aligned is simple too. Just drop your car into your local e-CAR workshop and our brilliant and expert mechanics will make sure they are aligned properly and you are safe to hit the road. We also recommend that you rotate your tyres every 10,000km to get the maximum life you can out of them, a job we can do with no trouble. There is a cost in doing this but the cost of having to change your tyres prematurely we can assure you is more! Just book your car into your local e-CAR workshop.

Not only that but if you are an e-CAR club member then one of your benefits includes assistance if you experience a flat tyre. We’ll arrange and pay for our guys to fit your spare wheel. If you have special wheel lock nuts just let us know so we can bring the correct tools to do the job and if you have no spare wheel or there’s a bigger problem, we’ll tow your car through to the nearest e-CAR workshop where they’ll be able to sort it out for you.

So there you have it: a guide to breaking one of those bad car owner habits, keeping the pressure off and keeping you on the road.