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For decades SKF has been a trusted OE supplier to the world’s top car manufacturers around the globe. We utilize this experience to deliver high-quality products and premium services to our customers in the aftermarket for cars and commercial vehicles all over the world.


Who we are
SKF has a broad range of products and services and a focus on continuous innovation and improvement make us a trusted partner  for the top vehicle aftermarket distributors.

Unmatched quality and market coverage
The SKF vehicle aftermarket boasts a product range of over 20 000 variations in unmatched quality. We focus on providing system repair products with a wide range coverage so that you don’t have to look very far for the parts you need.

Through a strong network of more than 10 000 distributors and dealers within the vehicle, our spare parts for cars, trucks and two-wheelers reach their destination at workshops all over the world.

SKF Engine Solutions

  • SKF Auxiliary system
  • SKF Auxiliary system for commercial vehicles
  • SKF Boot
  • SKF Clutch release bearing
  • SKF CV-joint
  • SKF Driveshaft
  • SKF Drivetrain tools
  • SKF Lubrication
  • SKF Lubrication for commercial vehicles
  • SKF Powertrain tools
  • SKF Seals for commercial vehicles
  • SKF Steering system
  • SKF Timing system
  • SKF Transmission bearing
  • SKF Transmission bearings for commercial vehicles
  • SKF Tripod
  • SKF Water pump
  • SKF Water pump for commercial vehicles
  • SKF Wheel bearing
  • SKF Wheel bearing and brake
  • SKF Wheel bearings for Commercial vehicles
  • SKF Wheel bearing tools

Gothenburg Factory, Sweden

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