Signs it’s time for an auto tune up

major car repairs e car ecar pdYou can save yourself some time and a headache by being familiar with common warning signs, and by always taking it into the workshop when something comes up. Consider some of the most common indicators below:

Warning signs – when your vehicle needs a tune-up: Engine lights come on

It’s always distressing to see those little check engine lights illuminate your dashboard and you may be tempted to ignore them. But those lights come on for a reason. It’s the car’s diagnostic system alerting you to a pressing maintenance issue. When the lights come on, it’s in your best interest to take the vehicle in for prompt servicing.


Have you pressed your foot on the pedal to accelerate and the car just lags there for a moment before finally starting to move? This stall could be a warning sign and it’s not something you want to ignore. Stalling in itself is also dangerous.

Fuel economy

Pay attention to how often you’re filling up. If you suddenly start needing to fill up more often, diminished fuel efficiency might be a negative side effect. That’s reason enough to take the car to the workshop and see what’s going on.

Brake problems

Any problem with your brakes is a safety concern and something to investigate immediately. Brake problems come in a variety of forms and in some cases it’s as simple as a brake pedal that feels soft or spongy. Also, be aware of noisy brakes. Whining or scraping sounds are common symptoms of a failing brake system.

Rough shifting

Your car’s automatic transmission system should handle the gear-shifting process smoothly. If you find that you’re suddenly getting lurched around by the shifting then that might mean there is a transmission issue.

Vibrations or shaking

If braking, steering, or starting your vehicle causes a wobbling or shaking sensation in the steering wheel or in the seat, there could be any number of issues. Best to get it investigated by professionals.

Bottom line is that if something unusual starts to happen with your vehicle, we suggest you book it at your nearest e-CAR workshop to get a proper diagnosis.

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