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e-CAR is professional at getting your car into roadworthy shape.

When you’re on the road take a look at the cars around you. The Automobile Association of South Africa found that 800,000 cars on the road are not roadworthy and seven out of ten of them are not insured.

Statistics like this show us that it is not only important to make sure your car is insured but that you maintain your car’s mechanical health too. See, what you might not have spotted in the small print of your contract with your insurance company is that your vehicle must be roadworthy in order for them to pay out if you are in a fender bender. In fact, if your car is involved in an accident and it doesn’t meet the roadworthy requirements, as stated in South Africa’s road traffic legislation- there is no cover!

Fortunately for you, e-CAR are professionals at inspecting your vehicle. Whether you need new headlights, brakes replaced, or something more serious that stops you from getting that roadworthy seal of approval – e-CAR can help you! Just book a service at any one of our nationwide workshops and we’ll take care of it.

So don’t be one of the statistics! Make sure your car is roadworthy otherwise your insurance won’t pay out in the event of a fender bender! Book your check-up today at any one of our nationwide workshops. book now

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The owner of a car is responsible for ensuring that it is roadworthy, and it must be inspected every six months. In South Africa, a certificate of inspection costs around R500 to issue for one month. A roadworthy license is required in order for the driver and car to be safe.