Park Distance Control (PDC)

Park Distance Control e-car pdcPark distance control is a genius system that means you can park and manoeuvre easily, without bumping into anything! The system warns you if children, pets or any obstacle gets within the sensing range, it eliminates blind spots and even provides corner protection.

Let’s face the facts – an international survey revealed that 27% of all accidents occur while reversing. 27%! That’s worth protecting yourself from, and our workshops and qualified technicians are the ones to install the brilliant system to ensure you do (selected workshops only – inquire first at an e-CAR near you).

A must for:
•   Parents with young children
•   Vehicles with low visibility
•   Drivers with restricted movement

How it works:

Engaging reverse gear will activate the rear sensing system. The front system is activated when the ignition is turned on or when the speed is below 15 km/ h. The system beeps with increasing frequency as the object comes closer to the bumper and emits a constant beep when the object is 30 cm from the bumper. The sensing system starts from 1.20 m for the rear and 0.8 m for the front.

Major feature: The unique design and setup procedure of the interactive system ensures that the sensing range of all 4 sensors are identical, providing you with the most accurate and uniform sensing pattern across the entire width of the bumper. A feature that not all sensing system can boast!