pack your boot properly e-car

7 Essential items every driver should pack in their car boot this festive season.

Whether you like to travel light or prefer to take everything including the kitchen sink on holiday, there are a few essential items every driver should pack in their car boot before heading out (no matter how excited you are to get going!).

We’ve put together our list of 7 essential items every driver should have in their boot for the holidays, including:

1. Spare Tyre
A spare tyre (in good condition), along with a tyre jack. There’s nothing worse than breaking down on the side of the road and realising the spare tyre has a flat too! Also, if your wheels have special lock nuts, make sure the security key is packed safely in your car. (We’d suggest your cubby.)

2. Tyre Inflator & Sealer
Plug a leak quickly (and avoid worrying about the above tools), then drive to the nearest
e-CAR workshop or petrol station and get extra hands to help you out.

3. Flashlight
Breaking down in the dark is never safe, and if you’re going to attempt to change a flat tyre yourself, you’ll need a reliable flashlight preferably the self-charging kind. Otherwise, make sure you have extra batteries packed ready to replace the old ones.

4. Reflective Triangle
Roads can be dangerous, especially those off the beaten track with little to no light!
Whether your car has broken-down or you’re going to inspect a punctured tyre, put on a reflective vest (if you have one) and place your reflective triangle safely behind your car, making sure you and your car are visible to other motorists.

5. First Aid Kit 
Holidays are always fun until someone steps on something sharp or a bee pops out of a soda can and stings you on the lip. For those unexpected moments, it makes sense to pack a simple first aid kit with medical supplies like plasters, bandages, and a pair of scissors, antiseptic cleaner and other medications.

6. Safety Kit
You don’t have to be Bear Grylls to be prepared for your holiday road trip!
Your safety supplies should include, a windbreaker jacket, energy bars and water (food and water are essential), an emergency blanket, a map (technology can fail, so a hard copy is always a good option) and a cellphone charger with external recharging capabilities.

7. e-CAR Club Membership Card
Make sure your membership card is stored safely in the cubby. If you have any roadside emergencies during your holiday road trip you can call our 24-hour assist line and get the help you need quickly.