Mechanical Car Repairs

All our workshops are well-equipped to perform even the most complicated mechanical car repairs on your vehicle. With our combination of expertly trained technicians and Bosch diagnostics, we can guarantee we will be able to understand your problem and repair it. Because of these capabilities, our workshops perform all mechanical repairs to any type of car at an affordable price.

Remember, we are associated with the Diesel Electric group, a leading supplier of quality parts and Agent of Bosch Automotive– the biggest supplier and partner of vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

Braking system


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Bring your car in for a free quote for your repair.

We’ve honed a slick system for assessing your car and its problems, so bring it by one of our workhops and we can do just that! Our trouble-shooting technicians will narrow down the problem step by step before working out what can be done and giving you a quote! (Bonus: the quote’s free!)

Engine management system

 Lambda controlled systems
 Fuel-injection systems
 Ignition systems
 Car convenience systems
 Car safety systems
 Car security systems

You can also be sure that the quote we give you will be considerably lower than the rates of your car’s original manufacturer’s agents. It’s a win-win!