Make Your Easter Holiday Road Trip a Smooth Ride

Your boot is full of bags and bits, your seats are full of excited little people, you’ve got your partner beside you and you are on the road to your holiday destination. We know that feeling – the holiday buzz and desire to just get there already!

We also know the feeling of when it doesn’t go quite to plan. When you break down on the side of the highway and your car is suddenly filled with increasingly grumpy little people, an unhappy partner and a boot that is still full of bags and bits ready for your holiday.

Scenario two is exactly what we at e-CAR work hard to help you avoid so you can ensure your Easter holiday is a smooth ride.

Let us remind you how we can help you:

If you are out on the road this Easter and run in to mechanical difficulties or have an accident, as an e-CAR club member and with only a phone call, we will meet you with a professional tow-in service. No need to deal with an unscrupulous tow driver. We’ll arrange and pay for your car to be towed to the nearest e-CAR workshop or RMI approved workshop to do the necessary repairs.

Not only that, but as an e-CAR club member we can assist you in lots of ways if you get caught in a sticky situation on the road. If you have a flat tyre and no spare, if you’ve run out of petrol or locked your keys in the car – we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the full list of membership benefits by visiting here.

Of course there are ways you can ensure you’re ahead of the game before you even set off, so make sure you add these pointers to your holiday checklist before you hit the road:

1) Get your car serviced by a professional workshop like e-CAR. There is no substitute; a thorough service and safety check for your car is the best way to ensure a problem free road trip!

2) If you’ve had your car serviced recently, still inspect specific parts that can cause massive problems while driving to make sure they’re in good working order. Your windscreen wiper blades are a good example. If they’re looking warn, get them replaced at an e-CAR workshop before you leave!

3) Get your tyres checked out for wear and tear, slow punctures caused by nails and if it’s been more than six months since you had a wheel balancing and tyre rotation done, get them attended to before your trip.

4) Check that your spare tyre is in good working condition and that you’ve got a jack, spanner and any special wheel lock nuts packed in the boot, as well as a high visibility triangle and or jacket on hand if you breakdown.

5) Make sure you have your e-CAR club card in your wallet, and your membership is up to date as well as a valid drivers license, because if you breakdown on holiday, help is only a phone call away!

6) Check that all the lights in and on your car are working. They are hugely important for your safety as they help with visibility and avoiding potential accidents. If you can upgrade to OSRAM Night Breaker Laser headlight lamps, you’ll experience even better visibility.

7) Make sure you have a good flashlight or headlamp in your vehicle as well as spare batteries. You never know when you may need it.

8) If you are relying on a GPS, make sure your GPS has the latest updated maps loaded

Book your car in at your nearest e-CAR workshop for a thorough assessment and drive with motoring peace of mind these holidays. Find your nearest e-CAR workshop by clicking here.