You won’t believe this: 68% of the cars on the road are uninsured!

Scary isn’t it?

We’re sure you’ve seen a fender bender or two on the road, they seem to be increasingly common, but you might not know that in a lot of these accidents one or both of the car owners will be without insurance. That means we want to be avoiding accidents at all costs, or we might end up having to take the bus!

If you are so unfortunate to be involved in an accident without insurance  you might be left with an asset that’s damaged and unable to be repaired and, it’s much harder to sell a car that’s been in an accident.

With this fact ringing in our ears we thought it best to provide a little guide for driving defensively so you can best avoid a fender bender without the insurance to cover it.

1.    Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you

We’ve got a bad habit of driving close to the bumper in front as possible as if it will give us a head start on the road. Actually, these is a sticky situation to be in – if the driver in front needs to brake suddenly you could be heading straight into his rear end.

2. Avoid using your mobile

Unless it’s an emergency, avoid using your mobile phone. We’ve all been there – you glance down to check a message or dial a number, when your eyes refocus on the road you are veering off it. It’s amazing what can happen in the blink of an eye so keep safe and avoid using your phone.

3. Be wary of potholes and obstructions

A pothole or manhole can appear out of nowhere and suddenly you find yourself having to swerve into the next lane to avoid it, risking an accident as you do. Keep aware by looking at not just into the distance but right in front of you so you can avoid any obstructions when they occur.

4. Be careful when braking

When you have to brake unexpectedly and take your car from a high speed to 0 in the shortest time possible your car can do all sorts of funny things. Be prepared for braking and make sure that you know your car and can anticipate what it will do if you have to brake suddenly. Keep it under control by taking your foot off the accelerator, turning on your hazard lights and pulling over if necessary and safe to.

5. Be alert in bad weather

For some reason, when the heavens open and the rain comes people forget how to drive! In this weather, or any extremes for that matter, remember to be extra alert. A lot of drivers will drive at the same speed they normally do neglecting to consider the risk of aquaplaning and losing control, let alone lack of vision. Go slow, be alert and avoid all of these risks.

There you have it, 5 top tips for defensive driving so you can avoid a fender bender and a knock with no insurance. Stay safe!