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GUD Filters is our iconic filter brand offering Great Engine Protection to motorists since 1949.  We are proud to manufacture over 90% of GUD filters in South Africa, the first GUD filter was manufactured in Durban 65 years ago. GUD Filter’s extensive range of over 1600 part numbers covers 3500 vehicle applications, over 95% of the vehicles on SA’s roads. Our premium quality filters offer OE quality and reliability making it the number one filter of choice across the African continent. GUD filters are accessible through a network of distributors and retailers nationwide. Find the correct filter for your vehicle

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The World’s Foremost Filter has been manufactured in South Africa under licence by G.U.D. Holdings for 40 years. Fram Filters offers quality air, fuel, oil, and cabin air filters with a range of 900 part numbers to aftermarket customers. FRAM Filters has a rich motorsport heritage with the brand being synonymous with high performance, quality, and reliability.

Holts is a leading global car care brand since 1919, specializing in car repair and maintenance products.  Holt’s extensive range of products includes antifreeze coolants, Tyreweld, car shampoo, polish, and paints.

Indy Oil is our world-class automotive lubricant and chemical brand. Indy Oil’s range of automotive lubricants includes synthetic and non-synthetic motor oils, transmission oils, brake fluid, and greases for the modern engine. Our winning formula of the highest quality base oil and additives meets and exceeds global API, ACEA, and JASO specifications.

Prestone is the no1 coolant brand in the United States. Prestone’s high-performance products promise to be the best in all conditions, whether this is in extremes of temperature, environment, or location.

Safeline Brakes, South Africa’s safest brake products manufacturer, was established in 1992. Safeline offers an extensive product range of brake pads, brake discs, brake cleaners, brake fluid for passengers, and light commercial, and heavy-duty motor vehicles.
Safeline is the first brake pad manufacturer to be awarded SABS Certification and the E-mark validating the high quality and safety standards of our brake pads. We are also at the forefront of environmentally friendly braking systems by manufacturing asbestos and copper-free brake pads.
We have also introduced a range of Safeline brake discs to complement our most popular brake pads to provide the safest braking combination. Our brake discs comply with SAE J431, G3000 grade, the international standard for brake discs.

OEM Market

G.U.D. Holdings Contract Division ensures that we continue to grow our market share with leading vehicle manufacturers. Our OEM customers include BMW, Ford, General Motors, VW, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota, UD Trucks, MAN Truck, and Bus.

G.U.D. Holdings has won numerous awards from our OEM customers over the years by supplying quality products and maintaining excellent levels of customer service.

Awards and Achievements:
•    Toyota SA Awards
•    Volkswagen SA
•    General Motors Awards
•    Nissan SA Awards
•    Ford Award
•    MAN Truck and Bus Award

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GUD Air FiltersCheck your vehicle’s GUD air filter and improve your car efficiency
It’s important to check your air filter. All the dust and grime on the roads can make your filter dirty and clogged, lowering your fuel economy and putting unnecessary stress on the engine.

Symptoms of a bad or dirty GUD air filter:

  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Misfiring engine
  • Reduced performance
  • Black sooty smoke or flames exiting the exhaust
  • The smell of petrol when starting the car
  • Engine sputtering and stalling
  • Check engine light comes on
  • Unusual engine sounds

If you have an air compressor, change the nozzle on the end with one that can spray the air out in a concentrated manner to clean the filter from dust and dirt first. If the air filter is too dirty or damaged then it will need to be replaced.

e-CAR is backed by GUD Filters and offers A National Warranty giving the motorist peace of mind.

We recommend should you be in doubt about how to change or suspect any issues with your filters, you take it to an e-CAR workshop near you