Gabriel Shocks

Guarantee yourself a smooth ride

Gabriels Shocks aren’t just for off-roading vehicles that climb mountainsides and navigate rocky terrains…

shocks from gabriel e-car

Every car on the road has some sort of shock absorber. When you learn a shock’s primary job is to keep your wheels in contact with the road – you can understand why, and how important they are!

They don’t just keep your wheels in contact with the road though – they help to give you more accurate control of your car too. That’s why, when your shocks are worn you might feel a reduced ability to control your car. You might notice that your drive isn’t so smooth and you’re feeling those bumps in the road you normally don’t.

Get your Gabriel shocks checked and replaced at your nearest e-CAR workshop. Even if your car feels in good condition, it’s recommended you have your shocks checked every 60,000km! Fortunately for you, at e-CAR, we only partner with the best and use Gabriel to supply us with shocks. You can be sure too that with new shocks fitted, you’ll have improved safety, performance, and comfort on the road – an all-around smoother ride. What e-CAR is all about!

Find your nearest e-CAR workshop and have them check your shocks today.