Gabriel Shocks

Gabriel Shocks

In 1907, Gabriel ® invented the original automotive shock absorber – followed by the first hydraulic shock absorber, the first adjustable shock absorber and the first air adjustable shock absorber. As transportation and industrialization expanded throughout the 20th century, so did Gabriel.

To this day, we’re still that same innovative, independent American company – building high-performance shocks and struts that cover more than 96% of North American vehicles. Gabriel continues to be one of our nation’s most trusted aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers for light- and heavy-duty vehicles and things you might not imagine, like industrial washing machines and car washes. And of course, as the family car and modern transportation has become more advanced, so too has Gabriel.

  • Light vehicle

    • Shocks

    • Shock Absorbers

    • IAM

    • Ready Mount Struts

    • Complete Struts

    • Guardian Shocks

    • Maxcontrol Shocks

    • Ultra Shocks

  • Heavy duty

    • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

    • GlasSLX Shocks

    • Fleetline Shocks

    • Cab Shocks

    • Hydraulic Stop

    • Piston Seal