You’ve already done the right thing by booking your car in for a service or repair at one of e-CAR’s nationwide workshops, but what next? You need to make sure you ask your local workshop about your free e-CAR club membership!

See when you service or repair your car at one of e-CARs workshops, you receive a free 1 year membership to the e-CAR club! All you have to do is ask for your free membership pack and they will activate your membership for you.

They include:

  1. ROADSIDE ASSIST: 24-hour roadside assist with the AA’s recovery team anywhere in South Africa,
  2. MEDICAL ASSIST: Our 24-hour Medical Assist and Support Line
  3. HOME ASSIST: Our Home Assist benefit offers a range of emergency repair services
  4. LEGAL ADVICE: Our Legal Advice service is available through a 24-hour telephone line

So make sure you that when you book your car in for a service you ask about your free e-CAR club membership. You can never have enough cover, and with e-CAR peace of mind comes standard.