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Flat Car Battery

Do you suspect you have a Flat Car Battery?

None of us want to be stuck with a flat car battery at the best of times but especially in this chilly weather! That’s why we’re recommending you get your battery checked at one of our e-CAR workshops in cold weather or in the winter months.

In case you weren’t clued up on what it is your car battery does and why it’s important to make sure it’s ticking over, let us give you a little overview. Simply put, your car battery is a powerful charge that starts your car’s engine and powers its electrical components. This means, your car battery is a pretty big deal – it won’t start without it!. Click here for some more technical information on what CCA, CA, and AH mean on your car battery.

Here are 5 signs that indicate your all-important battery needs a check-up or is in trouble:

Your engine takes longer than usual to start. It’s that unhealthy and unwanted ‘rur rur rur’ sound you might hear when you turn the key in the ignition that’s a sign your battery is not doing well.

Low battery fluid level. Most modern car batteries have a see-through casing so you can keep an eye on your battery’s fluid level. If yours doesn’t you can remove the black and red caps (if they aren’t sealed) and check your levels yourself.

Your battery has put on weight! If your battery case has swelled and enlarged that’s a sure sign your battery has gone bad – it’s usually caused by overheating and will definitely reduce your battery’s life.

An unpleasant smell. If you smell a terrible scent around the battery – like sulphur – it could be a battery leak. This causes corrosion and you will need any residual debris to be removed so you can ensure your car will start when you need it to.

It’s old! A battery older than 3 years is considered old in the industry. Sure a battery can last a good while longer than 3 years but it’s best you have its condition checked over if it’s old so you don’t get caught short – or flat!

So there you have it. Get familiar with these signs of an unhealthy battery and if you are concerned and don’t want to get stuck in the cold this winter, book your car in for a battery check-up, top-up or replacement.

If you are an e-CAR club member one of your membership perks is that we’ll jump-start your car if your battery has run flat not only once but twice on the same day! And of course, if you need a replacement battery we’ll tow you to the nearest e-CAR workshop and fit a new one for you.* We’re nice like that!

*For terms and conditions of this benefit click here