Engine Oil Brands in South Africa

There are a lot of engine oil brands on the South African market. The question is which engine oil do I use in my car. So here are some of the most common questions people ask.

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You can add any engine oil brand of oil in your vehicle as long as it has the right specifications. Preferably with the approval of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). This is the specification and viscosity indicated in your car owners manual. eg 10W40

No! Engine Oils are not created equal. Choosing reputable manufacturer of engine oil is the preferred choice as these manufacturers will blend more advanced oils and additives which can have a significant impact on the performance and life of your engine.

Engine oil Types

Synthetic oil, which is commonly known as full synthetic oil is now considered the standard oil used in most new cars. Synthetic oil is long-lasting, performs better in extremely high or low temperatures, and is usually made with high-performing additives (we’ll talk more about additives later).

While originally designed for high-tech engines that demanded peak engine performance and higher levels of lubrication, synthetic oil is now recommended by most manufacturers as modern cars (manufactured after 2000) are now designed to go for longer intervals between servicing – up to 15,000 kilometres.

But, just because synthetic oil is considered ‘the best’, don’t be led to believe that this high-performance oil is the best option, particularly if you drive an older model. If your manufacturer doesn’t specify synthetic oil or you have an older car (pre-2000), you may find synthetic oil won’t produce better engine performance, and given it’s much more expensive than conventional oil, you’d be wasting your money.

Semi-synthetic oil is a combination of synthetic and conventional oil and often comes at a much lower price than full synthetic. Think of it as a good middle ground between the two; high-performance without the price tag.

Semi-synthetic oil still has many characteristics of its more expensive counterpart, but has extra additives for resistance to oxidations and provides excellent low-temperature properties. It’s a smart alternative as it still protects your engine and offers good performance, even when the engine runs at a high temperature.

Before modern cars were designed to go further between service intervals, conventional oil was the most commonly used oil. It’s still used in many light-duty cars that do low-to-average annual mileage and are regularly serviced. Conventional oil offers little in terms of additives or additive packages, so is not suited to high-performance or new engines.

High mileage oil has been specifically designed for cars was built before 1990 with high mileage. It’s unique formulation and additives reduce burn-off, leaks and seepage, oil consumption, and smoke and emissions in older engines.

Mobil car oil engine-oil-brands-mobil-e-car

Castrol car oilengine-oil-brands-castrol-e-car

Liqui Moly car oilengine-oil-brands-liqui-moly-e-car

Pennzoil car oil engine-oil-brands-pennzoil-e-car

Shell car oil engine-oil-brands-shell-e-car

Elf car oil  engine-oil-brands-elf-e-car

Motul car oil engine-oil-brands-motul-e-car

Total car oil engine-oil-brands-total-e-car

Valvoline car oilengine-oil-brands-valvoline-e-car

Caltex car oil engine-oil-brands-caltex-e-car

Petronas car oil engine-oil-brands-petronas-e-car

Engen car oil engen-car oil e-car

Lube Fusion car oil lube-fusion-oil e-car

Evolution car oil evolution car oil-e-car

Power Glide car oil power-glide engine oil-e-car

Petrocam car oil petrocam car oil-e-car

Gazpromneft car oil gazpromneft oil-e-car

G-Energy car oil g-energy engine oil-e-car

Talon car oil talon oil-e-car

Top Speed car oil engine-oil-brands-top-speed-e-car

Bel Ray car oil engine-oil-brands-bel-ray-e-car

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