Elf Lubricants

Elf Lubricants

ELF Lubricants Motor Oils

lf Lubricants is a Motor oil or Engine oil used for the lubrication of various internal combustion engines. The main function is to reduce wear on moving parts; it also cleans, inhibits corrosion, improves sealing, and cools the engine by carrying heat away from moving parts.

Not all engine oils are created equal.

You need to ensure you are using the correct grade and type of oil within the ELF lubricants range.

If you are unsure of which to use, for your specific vehicle application:
– Check your owner manual or contact your closest e-CAR workshop

Elf lubricants owe their identification with excellence, performance, records, and countless victories in part to their history, the story of a brand created 50 years ago.

A year after the brand’s launch in 1967, the motorsports saga began with the Matra-Elf team, which won a French Formula 3 Championship title with Henri Pescarolo. The record-setting machine was off to the races. In 1969, Jackie Stewart took the first of his three Formula 1 world championship titles at the wheel of the Matra MS80, with the Elf logo prominently displayed.

Begun in 1968, the special partnership with Renault helped Elf take home 18 Formula 1 driver and constructors world championship titles and grew beyond racing through a major marketing agreement to recommend Elf lubricants for Renault vehicles. Other major partnerships have been formed since, with constructors including Kawasaki, Alpine, and recently the reborn, legendary British motorcycle brand Brough Superior.

Elf oil for Cars

  • Elf Passenger car engine oil
  • Elf Classic car engine oil
  • Elf Racing car engine oil
  • Elf Automatic transmission fluid ATF
  • Elf Manual transmission fluid MTF
  • Elf Car brake fluid
  • Elf Heavy-duty performance

Elf oil for Trucks and Busses

  • Automatic transmissions
  • Synthetic brake fluid
  • High-performance synthetic brake fluid
  • Extreme pressure transmission lubricant
  • Universal mineral lubricant for diesel engines
  • Any hydraulic system
  • High-performance synthetic diesel engine oil

Elf oil for Motorcycles

  • Motorbike engine oil
  • 2-Stroke motorcycle engine oil
  • 4-Stroke motorcycle engine oil
  • Transmission fluid
  • For forks and shock absorbers
  • Mineral coolant
ELF Product Ranges




There are three types of engine oil/3 types of motor oil:

Oil types – Mineral oils

  • They are obtained from base oils directly extracted from crude oil and then enriched with chemical additives in order to improve their overall performance.
  • They are perfectly well-suited to everyday trips or journeys outside of the urban environment at reasonable speeds.

Motor types – Semi-synthetic oils

  • They are a blend of mineral oils and synthetic-based oils. They are perfectly well-suited to normal usage in urban environments or high-speed driving for all types of vehicles.
  • These oils are highly resistant to oxidation and can be recommended for extreme temperature conditions.

Engine oil types – Synthetic oils

  • They are obtained through numerous refining processes or in laboratories using high-quality additives. Synthesizing oils in this way has many benefits: the result is a high-performance lubricant that extends the life of your engine, improves engine protection, increases the intervals between oil changes and reduces friction – thus lowering fuel consumption.

Sometimes, 4 types of car oil are mentioned: mineral, synthetic based or semi-synthetic, synthetic technology, and 100% synthetic.

Water in engine oil

If you found water in the oil, this water engine car section is for you!

Water in the car engine?
Water should never be allowed to get into the oil in your engine or gearbox. Otherwise, it will result in significant foaming, dramatically reducing the product’s lubrication properties.

Water in the engine – Water can get into your oil sump in two ways:

  • Water in the car – Water condensation in cold air or combustion gases: this phenomenon is extremely rare and only occurs at specific temperatures.
  • Water in the oil – Coolant leak due to non-watertight seal (cylinder head gasket, etc.). If this happens, there is a leak and water is getting into the oil.

Water in motor oil can cause serious damage to your engine – the oil will be denatured and no longer effectively cooled.
Contact your e-CAR service centre as soon as possible.


For more information about the range of elf products please click to Elf website: http://www.elf.com/

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Explore our services

Comprehensive minor and major car services.

Repairs for all car makes and models with genuine parts.

Service a fleet of cars or trucks with a fast turnaround time.

Upgrade your car with premium car accessories.

Professional servicing tailored to trucks and heavy-duty vehicles.

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