tyres-under-and-over-inflated-e-car-430e-CAR Tyre Wear

How’s this for a fact? 65% of cars drive with under inflated tyres and 80% of tyre blow outs and subsequent loss of control is caused by under-inflated tyres. It’s for exactly this reason that we’ve made sure at e-CAR Service we can install an Auto Tyre pressure monitor into your car which keeps you informed about your tyre pressure and temperature (selected workshops only – inquire first at an e-CAR near you).

Auto Tyre uses the latest technology to record the pressure and temperature of the tyre’s and will helpfully alert you through a flashing image displayed on your monitor if it isn’t as recommended. This system is essential if you want to put your safety first. As we know, if tyres are inflated to their manufacturer’s specification, the chance of blow out and a loss of control of the vehicle is severely reduced.