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How do I become a member of the e-CAR Club?2018-04-17T08:18:32+02:00

All you have to do is service your vehicle at any e-CAR workshop, get your membership pack and then call us to activate your free year-long membership – so you can start benefiting right away!

Please read through the *Disclaimer2018-04-26T09:09:26+02:00

Medical Emergency
Our 24-hour Medical Emergency line offers you and your  immediate dependants response and assistance in certain medical emergency situation as described in the limitation of benefits table. Professional, qualified medical personnel will ensure that the most appropriate emergency service is dispatched.

This cover includes:

  • Appropriate medical transportation to the closest, most appropriate facility dependent on medical aid status.
  • You and your immediate family are covered for repatriation (within the borders of SA) or return of mortal remains to an appropriate facility at your normal place of residence after an accident.
  • Arrangements will be made for companionship or care of stranded minors, subject to the benefits table.
  • You also have access to 24-hour emergency telephonic medical information and advice, as well as general medical information.
  • After a traumatic incident, you and your immediate family have 24-hour access to telephonic trauma counseling and advice as well as approved specialised rape crisis centres.

Household Assistance
This 24-hour emergency assistance service applies to your normal place of residence (within the four walls of your house) and is available when there is a danger to you and your family, or to the property or structure (i.e., a threat to a person or assets). We will arrange assistance from the following service providers: Ultra Plus membership Only

  • Electrician
  • Plumber

(Window repairs)
Assistance will also be rendered in the event of non-emergency repairs or repairs outside of the four categories listed above, in which case the account must be settled by you.

Legal Advice & Assistance
This service provides you with 24-hour legal support and advice. Practising lawyers, legal consultants and academics will provide you with broad-based assistance including:

Telephonic legal advice
Access to standard legal documents via email/fax
A free 30-minute consultation on a referral basis.
How long does my membership last?2018-04-26T09:06:45+02:00

Your free year long membership is valid for 1 year from the date we serviced your car. Make sure you activate your membership immediately upon receiving it so you can enjoy a full year of benefits.

Can I get road assist services outside of the borders of SA?2018-04-17T08:19:17+02:00

Yes! This service includes assistance in Lesotho and Swaziland. If you need help in Zimbabwe or Namibia you can call us on 0861 755 756 and we’ll refer you to a local assist representative there.

Who do I call when I need help?2020-05-12T16:19:01+02:00

Call us on 0861333260 and we’ll take it from there!

How many tows do I get?2019-01-15T10:43:14+02:00

One tow per year. So make your tow count. We’ll pay a maximum of R730, limited to 40kms, towards the cost of your tow. Any extra kilometers driven over and above the 40km limit will be charged at AA rates and will be for your cost.

Can I use the road assist benefits while driving a different car?2018-04-17T08:20:12+02:00

No. Your membership is linked to the car you register with e-CAR Club on activation. Your road assist benefits are linked directly to the license and registration you provided us. This information is given to AA’s recovery team, our road assist partners. When you call in for assistance you will be asked to verify that the car you driving is indeed the one you registered with us. Only then will a recovery team be dispatched to assist you.

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