e-CAR Auto Electrical Repairs

e-CAR Auto Electrical Repairs – The modern car is made up of as many electrical parts as it is mechanical, meaning we have cars that can do a lot more than their older counterparts but also that they are also a lot more complex. Luckily for you, e-CAR Service workshops are skilled in mechanics and electrics! As a company, we partner with Diesel-Electric Group- the leading supplier of Bosch and other well known brands that supply specialised car electrical parts. Not only that but our workshops can access the Bosch database and connect to the Bosch Technical Helpline meaning that we can service your cars electrical components with the best possible resources to hand! And, of course, without the high price tag; our rates are considerably lower than the rates of your cars original manufacturer’s agents.

Whether its starter problems or problems with your engine management system, you can be sure that e-CAR service centres have your electrical repairs covered.

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