e-CAR Alarm – Immobiliser

e-CAR Alarm – Immobiliser: Unfortunately, in a world where we and technology are becoming more and more sophisticated- so are criminals. Which is why we only work with the most sophisticated and advanced technologies to protect you from crime! (selected workshops only – inquire first at an e-CAR near you).

Say hello to Sanji Intellica ZX300 ZX400 and ZX500. Catchy right?

The Sanji Intellica ZX Pro Series is arguably the most advanced alarm and mobiliser system in the world, manufactured to international standards. Take a look at its important features and then visit one of our workshops to have it installed:

Important features:

•   You get warned of any violation to your vehicle by a series of coded beeps on the siren. The ZX Series will shut down if its outputs are shorted or damaged

•   The ZX Series anti highjack facility immobilises your vehicle if it is forcibly taken from you. The siren immediately sounds a warning and indicators flash, informing the hijacker that the car will stop in 90 seconds

•   The ZX Series offers drivers-door or automatic passive arming hijack which are both programmable to suit your own requirement. The system gives you personal safety and protection outside the car. If you are attacked your transmitter becomes a panic button. If any doors, bonnet or boot aren’t properly closed, it will alert you!

•   Before you start it will check and lock your doors automatically. It will close your window and unlock the driver’s door selectively and separately from the passengers doors

•   Secure sensing means your alarm will only activate if there is a problem

Now that vehicle security systems have become so advanced, car thieves are turning to easier ways of getting your vehicle. Key theft or key duplication is the latest international method. Sanji however has developed an optional user identification keypad that interfaces with the alarm -this means that even if someone has your keys, your vehicle cannot be driven away

The ES250 miniature ultrasonic sensor works like an internal radar system. When the batteries of your remote are flat, you can override the system with a personal user pin code