Commercial fleet manager

In case you didn’t know it’s not just every make and model of car and truck that e-CAR can service but commercial and personal fleets too!

We are very aware that putting your trust in a car servicing company as a fleet manager can be a bit of a nightmare. After all, your fleet is your asset- your money-maker, and so you need to be able to trust a car servicing centre to service your cars well, efficiently and for a good price. We know how you feel! e-CAR are here because we don’t want to see you left in the cold and losing thousands of rands and we know the fleet industry is crying out for a credible and trustworthy workshop to service your fleet in. That’s why we’ve developed a simple system that you can rely on to keep your fleet in tip top condition and off the road for the smallest amount of time, saving you money and the nightmare of inefficient servicing centres.

One of the many benefits of servicing your fleet with e-CAR is that we offer a national warranty through all our e-CAR workshops nationally. Take a look here to see where they are located. That means that wherever one of your fleet is located, be it in another province or other end of the country, if you break down or have mechanical issues, one of our many workshops and expert technicians will be able to help you pronto. That way you can get back on the road and back to making a profit!

So don’t delay, give our helpful and friendly e-CAR customer service a call 086 000 3227 to investigate servicing your fleet with e-CAR. We’ll get rid of your servicing headache as quickly as we turn around a service on your cars!