Cheapest Cars to Service in SA (2017)

How much does it cost to service a car in South Africa. This is a guideline as we have no recent service costs for 2018. The report below is from the Kinsey report (2017). We have extracted only the servicing pricing per vehicle per category segment. An increase in cost of parts and 1% in vat will affect the prices for 2018. Please consult with your nearest e-CAR workshop for current prices.

Car Service Costs

City Cars and Entry Level

Datsun Go 1.2 Lux Hyundai i10 1.1 Motion Vw Polo Vivo 1.4 Conceptline
Servicing parts 2207.03 3925.39 4076.64

Other cars to consider

Toyota Etios 1.5 XS
VW Move UP 1.0 3-door
Honda Brio 1.2 Comfort
Suzuki Swift 1.2 GL
Nissan Micra 1.2 Visia+
Kia Picanto 1.0 LS
Ford Figo 1.5 Trend
Chevrolet Spark 1.2 L

Super Mini

Renault Sandero 66kW Expression VW Polo 1.2 TSi Comfortline Renault Clio 66kW Expression
Servicing parts 3459.67 3488.40 3788.09

Other cars to consider

Peugeot 208 1.2 Active
Ford Fiesta 1.0T Trend
Toyota Yaris 1.0 XS 5-door
Kia Rio 1.4
Chevrolet Sonic 1.6

Family Favourites

Nissan Almera 1.5 Accenta Toyota Corolla 1.6 Prestige Toyota Corolla 1.6 Quest
Servicing parts 3063.83 5253.36 5733.33

Other cars to consider

Mazda3 1.6 Dynamic
Honda Jazz 1.5 Elegance
Opel Astra 1.0T Essentia
VW Golf 7 1.4 TSI Comfortline
Chevrolet Cruze 1.4T LS
Ford Focus 1.5T Trend
Hyundai Elantra 1.6 Premium

Compact Crossovers

Mahindra KUV100 K8 Ford Ecosport 1.0T Trend Peugeot 2008 D Active
Servicing parts 3572.1 5014.11 5160.28

Other cars to consider

Citroen Cactus 1.2 Feel
Toyota Avanza 1.5 SX
Renault Duster 1.6 Dynamique


Ford Kuga 1.5T Trend Toyota RAV4 GXC VT Toyota Fortuner 2.8GD
Servicing parts 4921.2 4993.64 5815.13

Other cars to consider

Chevrolet Trailblazer 2.8D LTZ auto
Hyundai Tucson 2.0 Premium auto
Kia Sportage 2.0 CRD auto
Nissan X-Trail 1.6 DCI X’E
Jeep Renegade 1.4 LT. Limited
Honda CRV 2.0 Comfort
Mitsubishi ASX 2.0 GLX

Executive Crossovers

Volvo XC90 D4 Momentum Range Rover Evoque Td4 SE Toyota Prado 3.0DT VX
Servicing parts 5979.30 6534.16 7284.1

Other cars to consider

VW Touareg V6 TDI Luxury
Mercedes-Benz GLE250
Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Quattro
BMW X5 xDrive 3.0 D

Double Cabs

Isuzu KB300 D-Teq Lx Toyota Hilux 2.8GD Nissan Navara 2.3dCi LE
Servicing parts 4051.93 4409.55 4547.67

Other cars to consider

Tata Xenon 2.2 XT Evolve
GWM Steed 6 VGT Xscape
Ford Ranger 2.2 Highrider XL
VW Amarok 2.0 Bi TDI Highline

Single Cabs

Nissan NP 200 1.6i Nissan 300 2.0 Toyota Hilux 2.4GD
Servicing parts 2084.64 2158.37 6262.24

Other cars to consider

Chevrolet Utility 1.4 Spaza
Isuzu KB250
Ford Ranger 2.2 D
VW Amarok 2.0 TDI

Executive Saloons

Volvo S60 T4 Momentum Jaguar XE 2.0 D Prestige BMW 320i
Servicing parts 5825.4 6368.8 7494.17

Other cars to consider

Mercedes-Benz C200 auto
Audi A4 2.0 TDI auto
Lexus ES250