Bosch Spark Plugs

Bosch Spark Plugs Platinum & Iridium

Designed for maximum performance requirements

The Spark plug has a name that is world renowned: Bosch. Not only did Robert Bosch innovate ignition with a patent for a high-voltage magneto ignition device in combination with a spark plug in 1902, the company that bears his name has continued to stay ahead of the engine technology curve.

Precious Metal Electrodes

Modern engines operate at particularly high combustion chamber temperatures. This also places a strain on the Spark plugs and increases the wear on the electrodes, so materials with improved scorch resistance must be used to compensate for this accordingly. In this case, Bosch relies on precious metal alloys with platinum, iridium or silver.

bosch spark plugs

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Bosch Spark Plugs in Motorsport technology for road use

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Efficient mobility with Bosch spark plugs

Around the world, motorsport teams rely on Bosch spark plugs. Racing innovations and experience is implemented in the production of spark plugs for series-production passenger cars as well. In these vehicles, they provide
outstanding engine performance and ensure reliable and efficient everyday mobility for millions of people.