Bosch Relays and Switches

For over 40 years Bosch has been a trendsetter in relay & Switch technology.

Bosch relays and switches are used in many other industries. Bosch provides a comprehensive range of 12 and 24-volt relays and switches for any size and any application. The constant evolution of the range ensures that it always complies with the latest technology.

Bosch Advantages at a glance

  • Universal switches for all vehicles
  • Wide range of products including two series of switches
  • Every switching function available
  • Symbols for every function
  • Easy to be exchanged and pluggable
  • With indicator lamps
  • Versatile accessories for perfect fitting
  • Proven high-quality products
  • Robust and reliable
  • For all types of vehicles, such as busses, commercial vehicles, delivery vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural vehicles, municipal vehicles, and special vehicles
  • Particularly high-temperature resistance
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Long service life due to particularly high vibration and shock resistance
  • High corrosion resistance