Bosch Air Filters

Bosch Air Filters protect the engine and support the proper function of the sensors in the intake air duct. They reliably remove particles from the intake air and contribute to optimum engine performance. Link to Bosch Filters

  1. Protection of the engine and the sensors in the intake air duct against dirt particles within the intake air
  2. Protection of the engine against wear
  3. Safeguarding the air supply for the mixture preparation
  1. Multi-layered, specially impregnated filter medium
  2. Large filter surface with embossing
  3. Precisely matched fit and high-quality sealing material

Change air filters regularly as specified by the vehicle manufacturer! Possible consequences of clogged filters:

  1. Insufficient air supply, thus reduced engine performance and increased pollutant emissions
  2. Increased fuel consumption
  3. Problems when starting the engine
  4. Premature contamination of oil
  1. Long service life, high particle separation rate, moisture resistance, and tensile strength
  2. High particle holding capacity and low flow resistance
  3. Accurate fit