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Expanding the e-CAR footprint



e-CAR’s national network of automotive service centres remains a popular destination amongst motorists that require value for money service.

Since the launch of the e-CAR network in 2004, the organisation continues to ensure the sustainability of a substantial number of Independent workshops around South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, and Swaziland. ” We firmly believe in assisting independent workshops with the skills, tools, parts, and contacts they need to remain in a market that is highly competitive,” said e-CAR’s Manager, Rollen Ryan.
One of the major contributors to the success of e-CAR’s network in South Africa is the brand’s partnership with the Diesel-Electric organisation and with preferred suppliers as well as being RMI and AA compliant.
Membership in the e-CAR network continues to grow. High standards set by the brand are fundamental to the success of all e-CAR members.
As e-CAR is not a traditional franchise, members retain a large part of their independence. Camaraderie is encouraged through events such as the National e-CAR Indaba, while delegates are encouraged to update their knowledge across a wide spectrum of topics and trends.
With a variety of vehicles entering workshops, everyday e-CAR is focused on general vehicle service and repairs. The brand offers a  complete diagnostic test solution using professionally trained technicians in all workshop outlets. Replacement parts are of top quality and provide a competitive advantage in becoming motorists’ first choice. “Quality is key.” Many vehicles can be brought back to specifications following a service at an e-CAR outlet since parts and training are recognised by vehicle manufacturers. In addition, work is done quickly and correctly.
“We are not your traditional franchisor, which looks to eradicate a business’s identity, style, or culture. We are here to enable small and medium size workshops to grow market share through the establishment of a corporate identity,” says Rollen.

Automotive Franchise

When motorists see the e-CAR sign, they see a workshop they can trust and that has substantial backing from an established name in the industry. There is integrity in all transactions plus there is the added assurance of a national warranty.

The e-CAR Club, which consists of some 20 000 members, ensures peace of mind motoring and client retention. The e-CAR club provides 24-hour roadside assistance.

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