Auto Cruise Control

If you aren’t familiar with ‘cruise control’ let us describe it as a system that automatically controls the speed of your car. It allows you to cruise.

At e-CAR Service we can happily install auto cruise control into your car and, of course, we use only the most advanced systems and products when doing so. In fact, our cruise control system of choice is approved by international quality and safety standard regulators ( selected workshops onlyinquire first at an e-CAR near you). Take a look at this list to understand the full benefits of cruise control:

Reasons for choosing cruise control

•   96% more comfort
•   64% less speeding fines
•   36% more fuel saving
There are 4 different AutoCruise systems in use

•   AutoCruise Vacuum
•   Auto Cruise Electric
•   AutoCruise Original ( OE)
•   AutoCruise by Wire (Coming soon)

Safety Features
Any one of the following actions will disengage the cruise control:
•   Pressing the brake
•   Pressing the clutch
•   Switching the command off
•   Turning the ignition off
•   Set speed drops by 25%
•   Set speed increases by 50%
•   Any failure occur on the brake light circuit
•   Any electrical connection be lost, the system will switch off and go into fail-safe mode

Operating features
•   SET: Cruise control will engage and maintain speed
•   ACCEL: Accelerate vehicle speed
•   COAST: Disengage cruise control
•   RESUME: Engage cruise control at various set speed
•   DECEL: Decelerate vehicle speed
Stalk command
•   3 Speed memory function optional
•   Original (OE) command
•   Infrared remote command
•   Dash command
•   Gear shift command
(Prices of cruise control are vehicle specific).