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Ate Brakes are branded and manufactured products that have been trusted by many international car manufacturers as uncompromising on safety, with many innovations and improvements introduced throughout decades. The benefit of all the years of experience is available in the comprehensive product range supplied into the Southern African Aftermarket sector by Alfred Teves Brake Systems (Pty) Ltd, to the same quality standards as those supplied to the Original Equipment sector.

ATE branded brake shoes for passenger vehicles and LCV’s are quickly gaining acceptance in the aftermarket. These are not re-bonded but rather manufactured with new components. Core returns are therefore something of the past!

Alfred Teves Brake Systems (Pty) Ltd also offers a range of hydraulic master cylinders and wheel cylinders for popular applications. These cylinders are of premium quality and adhere to the highest industry specifications. Our cylinders adhere to the Internationally recognised ISO6118: 2006 Standard.


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ATE Brake Pads
ate ceramic brake pads 2017

ATE Disc Brakes
ate disc brakes

ATE Drum Brakes
ate drum brakes


ATE brake discs / disc brakes

ATE brake pads


ATE brake shoes

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A typical brake drum system e car

ATE wheel cylinders

A typical brake master cylinder e car

ATE master cylinder


ATE brake equipment

  • Test data gathered includes:
  • Peak deceleration
  • Brake imbalance
  • Stopping distance
  • Test speed and brake efficiency