10 Tips for your car

When it comes to showing your car how much you care you don’t need flowers, balloons or candy – just take her to e-CAR for an oil change or service! This easy bit of preventative maintenance will keep your car happy and humming, and make sure you get to your next hot date in plenty of time.

It’s hard to overstate how important it is to service regularly when it comes to cars. Whether it’s your baby or you’re in charge of a huge fleet, servicing regularly makes all the difference in terms of reliability and performance.

Bring your car in to your nearest e-CAR branch from some TLC in the month of love and we’ll give you a FREE 10-point safety check included with the service that covers these critical areas:

  • Brake operation – Footbrakes and handbrakes. You can’t drive even a short distance safely if your brakes aren’t functioning properly. Even parking on a hill can end very badly if your handbrake isn’t properly set.
  • Coolant / Anti-freeze level – This must be added to your water reservoir to ensure your engine stays properly cooled as you drive. An over-heated engine can be disastrous.
  • Engine check for odd noises – Prevention beats cure every time in engine maintenance. We catch serious problems before they start!
  • Engine oil level – Making sure your car is filled to the proper level with good quality oil is one of the most important maintenance steps you can take.
  • Hooter – A hooter that works isn’t just for showing annoyance when people cut you off, it can also prevent accidents!
  • Lights/Indicator/Hazard Lights – You use these to communicate to other drivers on the road and it’s essential that they work properly.
  • Seat belts – We’ll make sure your seat belt is working properly. This is your single most important piece of safety equipment so why chance it?
  • Steering – We’ll check to see your steering is properly aligned and the car is going where it’s supposed to go!
  • Wiper blades – These guys are often neglected but nothing is more important if you get caught in a rainstorm out on the road.
  • Wiper washer bottle and spray – Again, you need these to function properly to keep your windscreen clean in all conditions.

Come in for a service and a FREE 10-point safety check and we’ll make sure your loved ones are safe and sound, no matter where your travels take you.

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