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e-CAR does it all! From your diagnostics to your suspension and more

Servicing made easy with quality workmanship guaranteed. Just find your local e-CAR workshop with our easy online workshop finder and rest assured that whatever make or model of car you have, whatever service or repair it might need, e-CAR does it all!   Petrol and diesel servicing Diagnostics and tune ups Auto electrical repairs Mechanical … Continued

Has your motor plan ended? Don’t worry!

There’s no need to worry if your car’s current motor plan has ended. e-CAR have service workshops across the country and, with guaranteed quality workmanship, can service or repair your car whatever the make or model! Fortunately, there are a lot of great benefits to servicing or repairing your car with e-CAR, here’s why! We … Continued

Don’t forget to ask about FREE e-CAR club membership when you book your car in for a service

You’ve already done the right thing by booking your car in for a service or repair at one of e-CAR’s nationwide workshops, but what next? You need to make sure you ask your local workshop about your free e-CAR club membership! See when you service or repair your car at one of e-CARs workshops, you … Continued

Don’t ignore a problem! It only makes it worse! Book your car in for a diagnostic check-up today!

At what cost would you ignore those unusual sounds your car is making? Would you push your car to it’s limits to save the bit of money it takes to get a service and work out exactly what the problem is? We all want to save costs where we can but when it comes to … Continued

Selling your car? Book it in for a full inspection before you do.

Let the new owner drive away with peace of mind, leaving you with more in the bank! We’re assuming you want the most money for it possible? If that’s the case, make sure you book your car in for a full inspection at your nearest e-CAR workshop before you make a sale. Doing so will … Continued

Guarantee yourself a smooth ride with shocks from Gabriel.

Shocks aren’t just for off roading vehicles that climb mountainsides and navigate rocky terrains… Every car on the road has some sort of shock absorber. When you learn a shocks primary job is to keep your wheels in contact with the road – you can understand why, and how important they are! They don’t just … Continued

e-CAR are professionals at getting your car into roadworthy shape.

e-CAR are professionals at getting your car into roadworthy shape. When you’re on the road take a look at the cars around you. The Automobile Association of South Africa found that 800,000 cars on the road are not roadworthy and seven out of ten of them are not insured. Statistics like this show us that … Continued

Commercial fleet manager or own your own? Look no further for your servicing needs!

In case you didn’t know it’s not just every make and model of car and truck that e-CAR can service but commercial and personal fleets too! We are very aware that putting your trust in a car servicing company as a fleet manager can be a bit of a nightmare. After all, your fleet is … Continued

With winter setting in give your car the best anti-freeze and get one of our national e-CAR workshops to top you up.

    You know in winter when you find yourself having to add a few extra minutes to your commute time to allow for your engine to warm? Those are signs of winter conditions impacting your car. Your engine takes longer to warm up because your battery, engine oil or even petrol have cooled so … Continued

Whether you’re behind the wheel of the latest compact car, an older SUV or anything in between, e-CAR can service and repair your car.

  At any of e-CARs workshops (there are many around the country – find your nearest here) you’ll find professional technicians who, after an expert assessment, can service and repair ALL makes and models of cars. Not only that, but you can guarantee that they’ll be using only premium parts when they do. It’s an … Continued